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Company dedicated to the sale and distribution of Pemex Pemex Diesel and Industrial Low Sulfur. Our clientele is located in the fields of: Freight, Transport Personnel Transport Urban, Fleet Distribution, Power Generation Plants, Mining, Construction and General Industry.


Company dedicated to the marketing of hydrocarbon-based fuels such as PEMEX: fuel oil (heavy and light) used for combustion in open flame: atmospheric burners, boilers, furnaces and industrial dryers. We also have an alternate product to low sulfur Industrial Diesel named Eco alternative to the diesel fuel to burn in open flame with much higher performance and economic benefits to Diesel.

Heavy fuel oil: Fuel used in industrial processes in burners, heaters, boilers, electric generators and larger vessels.

Light fuel oil: It is used to open flame combustion in steam generating equipment such as boilers of all capacities, vertical, horizontal and rotary kilns, dryers and various configurations. In general, all equipment requiring an open flame combustion is a perfect candidate for the Light fuel oil.

Alternative to Diesel Fuel: Alternate the Industrial Diesel, which has a higher calorific Volumetric diesel, which means higher performance, plus the benefit of a lower price to Industrial Diesel product.



Company dedicated to the transportation of petroleum products.

It has the proper permits for transporting hazardous materials issued by the SCT, as well as calibrations corresponding capacity by PEMEX. Currently it has an inventory of more than 300 distribution units 10, 20, 30, 35, 45 and 60,000 liters respectively.
In addition to servicing the group’s companies, Trans-Energéticos is available for the specialised transport of any hazardous material that is derived from petroleum.


Company dedicated to the marketing and distribution of compressed natural gas to serve the Industrial segment in general, using cutting-edge technologies in compressor stations, decompression and measurement units, specialized units of land transport. GNC offers an alternative energy source for its location companies have no direct access to pipelines.



Company that controls, manages, fixes, ensures and demonstrates yields fuel consumption by means of innovative digital electronic payment via biometrics (Fingerprint). This system allows monitoring from our website with security, confidence and control, each of the operations carried out from any station service nationwide.

Call Center: 01 800 622 4444