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  • Pemex Diesel: Fuel used in internal combustion engines for commercial vehicles and passenger carriage.
  • Low Sulfur Industrial Diesel: Fuel designed for industrial use with low pollutant emissions.



  • Fuel used in industrial processes such as boilers, furnaces and dryers and electric generators.



  • Heavy fuel oil: Fuel used in industrial processes in burners, heaters, boilers, power generators and large vessels
  • Light fuel oil: Used to open flame combustion in steam generating equipment such as boilers of all capacities, vertical, horizontal and rotary kilns, dryers and various configurations. In general, all equipment requiring an open flame combustion is a perfect candidate for the Light fuel oil.
  • Alternate Fuel Oil to Diesel: Alternative to Diesel Industrial Product, which has a volumetric calorific value greater than diesel, which means higher performance, plus the benefit of a lower price Industrial Diesel.

Although the Ecological Alternative to Diesel Fuel Burning in open flame (ED-40) can only be used for open flame, provides the asfaltera industry and users of boilers, furnaces and rotary dryers the following benefits:

  • Higher Calorific diesel volume.
  • Improved performance and lower price than industrial diesel.
  • Meets the most stringent environmental regulations.
  • Meets Mexican Standards for Air Emissions.