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We are aware of the need to optimize time and resources as part of the current competitiveness. Therefore, we offer our customers integrated solutions.

This allows them to reduce to a single supplier:
  • Buying your energy
  • The freight certificate for handling hazardous materials
  • Calibration and carburetion equipment
  • Support of tanks, pumps, clinics and burners.

As the largest integrated distributor in Mexico, we can commit to deliver the energy solution that meets all their economic, environmental and process expectations.



Security and confidence to own laboratories fuel and most qualified personnel for the development of Mexico and mixtures thereof, in order to get the results and promised emissions.

We know that each customer has specific needs in terms of performance, quality and price. GRUPO ENERGÉTICOS has a laboratory of chemical and combustion tests, so we can work together with our clients in the development of optimal energy solution.

If necessary, you can determine any type of study, either through external laboratories or by acquiring the equipment needed to carry them out in our facilities.


Another benefit we provide to our customers as part of a comprehensive solution is the timely delivery of our products. The equipment delivery is itself, allowing us to maintain strict product control and delivery times.

All our units have satellite tracking distribution. We have a monitoring department works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year tracing the course of the units and feedback to our account executives and clients (if so requested) the location of their orders to the final destination.



To guarantee our customers a tailored solution, we provide our chemical laboratory tests and carburizing with our customer support staff 24 hours a day.

Each test product, doubt or anomaly, GRUPO ENERGÉTICOS is committed to its customers to provide technical assistance to their door leading expert on carburetion equipment and an expert on hydrocarbons certifying the proper functioning of the product or resolve the anomaly in the process, so our customers can leave in our hands the power part of its business to focus its efforts to the heart of their business.


Finally, our solutions also cover storage needs and consumption.

  • Zero Investment: support our customers with storage and pumping equipment on loan, and maintaining them. Thus we avoid additional costs or hidden costs to energy project.
  • Service Station:; In the case of consumer customers diesel distribution equipment, urban transport, cargo transport or rig or mining  GRUPO ENERGÉTICOS It offers its customers a service station in the same facilities of the client. With consumption, you can control, operate and dispatch the necessary diesel within its facilities. This significantly reduces product losses, allowing greater control; also saving the time spent and units to operators having to carry external fuel pump.